Home Share

Not a Service – Not a Program – A Way of Life.

Housing affordability has reached crisis levels. Community Solutions can help with our unique “Home Share Solutions” 

  • Are you wanting to establish a life for yourself?
  • Do you want the joy and independence of a home? 


  • Can’t afford your own home?
  • Affordable housing is scarce
  • Housing is too costly
  • You can’t afford the assistance you require

Are you 

  • Experiencing isolation?
  • Lack of stimulation? 
  • Lack of connection with others?

A Home Share project may be for you and, there are numerous Home Share models and options available. Or you and/or your family may have your own housing vision and plan, as well.  Community Solutions is able to fill a much-needed option for life-long living in smaller urban cities and rural towns by providing various options for cooperative living.

Our Home Share approach

  • enables you and/or your family to plan for your future.
  • provides options for life-long living that allow you or small group of individuals (3) to share the cost of living in either your own apartment or a shared home of your own. 
  • allows you, as a co-owner/tenant or roommate to have your own private living space but at the same time share some common areas of your home 
  • creates a more manageable cost of living where the co-owners/tenants share the costs of operating the home including utilities, taxes, and support services  
  • offers opportunities for social interactions, companionship and establishing friendships
  • provides opportunities for engagement with others in a recreational and leisure context  
  • meets transportation needs when required
  • ensures household activities are determined by the co-owners/tenants of the home taking into consideration your circumstances 
  • uses technology, whenever/wherever possible, to enable individuals to be increasingly independent 
  • uses RSW and/or CSW support as needed by each individual
  • provides on-site support staff available to offer assistance if required by any or all of the co-owners/tenants/roommates 


Give us a call, or send us an email if you’d like more information.