Your Home/Apartment

Community Solutions offers 1-1 support in your own home or apartment for as long as needed beyond active rehabilitation. This support

  • is designed to cater to your unique living needs associated with ABI beyond rehabilitation.
  • provides you with independence, but in a safe and supported environment.
  • provides opportunities to get involved in meaningful activity and build positive relationships, increase community participation, improve life skills, and facilitate social participation.
  • provides opportunities to develop the necessary skills to engage as a full member of both an apartment community and a small urban community
  • includes everyday activities and opportunities so that you can comfortably engage at your own pace while ensuring your safety and support.


“Community Solutions has provided support for our daughter for more than a decade, most of that time has been in their SIL (Supported Independent Living) Program. We have seen so many positive changes in our daughter. – how she interacts with others, volunteering in the same seniors residence for 9 years, and taking ownership of healthy eating and exercising. Such a successful transition! She loves living a life of her own, with family involved, but separate.” – Cynthia Dixon