Cottage Getaway

The Community Solutions’ Cottage Getaway is designed to cater to the unique needs associated with ABI. The Cottage Getaway offers a break in routine and an opportunity to relax and recharge; it’s the ultimate escape! Expert support staff enable cottagers to experience a greater sense of independence in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. This ideal retreat has proven to be restorative for both the cottagers and their family members. Join Us!

We offer:

  • a picturesque open-concept cottage
  • week-long stays in the summer & long weekends in the spring and fall
  • 24/7 expert support staff
  • a safe, supportive environment with the assistance and/or supervision of cottage staff
  • activities that are guided by our team of recreation, rehabilitation & community support workers
  • participation in group discussions, cottage chores, meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation and indoor and outdoor activity.
  • outdoor activities such as hiking, exploring, boating, fishing, swimming and relaxing campfires.
  • peer group social interaction, involvement with other cottagers and development of long-term relationships.


The best part of the cottage experience for me was enjoying life.
Ed Phillips
Always had a choice of what to do, given options of where to go and what to do. It was an opportunity to do new things.
Christopher Reid
The staff supported me… they were awesome, very helpful, and I had a great time.
Phil Edwards
The Cottage Getaway staff were awesome and friendly.
Kyle Reid
The biggest thing I took away from this experience is, I learned I used to be very closed where I felt bad that I had a brain injury, but I realized that I'm not alone and I don't need to feel bad anymore.
Dessery Blackman
I will be coming back in August. It will be a blast like the first time I was here.
Andre Laferriere
I enjoyed the time from start to finish.
David McAdam


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