Values & Beliefs

With recognition and respect of the fundamental rights and potential of all citizens, Community Solutions provides assistance in improving an individual’s quality of life by offering community-based integrated services that enable people to re-establish a meaningful and productive life.

Community Solutions beliefs:

That individuals are able to function as full citizens and responsible community members only when supported to direct their lives and destinies according to their own interests, aspirations and links with the community.

That all individuals have the right to choose and pursue a secure home life, an education, and opportunities for meaningful work and recreation.

That all individuals have the right to access the full range of experiences offered by their community.

That all individuals have the right to be supported according to their own unique abilities and rehabilitation needs.

That services should be sufficiently flexible, adaptable and secure in order to adjust to the individual’s personal choices and rehabilitation needs.

That all rehabilitation services, supports and life opportunities should correspond as much as possible with the individual's community environment and be offered in a manner, which honours the individual's well-being, dignity, self-respect, and physical and emotional security.