Supported Independent Living

The Supported Independent Living Apartment Program is available for Long Term Living, Transitional Living, Community Based “Real Life” Assessments, Respite Care and Hospital to Home Transitions.

SIL/Apartment Program

Community Solutions is offering people the independence they may be looking for in a supported apartment living environment. Community Solutions has developed this residential service designed to cater to the unique living needs associated with ABI.

The Supported Independent Living (SIL) Service/Apartment Program offers opportunities for individuals with ABI to expand their skills for independent living through a number of life activities which can be supported in a variety of ways; for example, 1:1 direct PSW or RSW support, “on call” emergency service, access to RSW or PSW support within the building on a 1:3 ratio, and on-site overnight attendant care.

The focus of support is on the individual developing skills in order to engage as a full member of both an apartment community and a larger urban community and thus increase community participation, improve life skills, and facilitate social participation and interaction in order to assist the individual to develop an active life. Everyday activities and opportunities are utilized to enable individuals to interact at their own pace while ensuring safety and support in a way that they are comfortable.

Getting involved in meaningful activity and building positive relationships are broad goals which are addressed for each individual unique to their personal strengths, needs and characteristics.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, Community Solutions works in collaboration with the existing rehabilitation teams and therapists.


Community Based “Real
World” Assessment


Short Term
 Apartment Stays


Hospital to home
transition stays


Long Term
apartment Living

The Supported Independent Living, Apartment Program offers individuals the opportunity to live in their own apartments in the community, while receiving the necessary individualized support they require to live productive and meaningful lives.

Our comprehensive SIL service has been designed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure that the person receives the highest level of rehabilitation, care and support available.

The SIL/Apartment Program also provides an opportunity for “real world”, in context assessment of the individual’s capabilities and capacity to learn, offering a clearer perspective on the person’s future support needs related to community living. This 6-week specialized ABI assessment program provides lawyers, life care planners and other professionals with information critical to the future care of their clients in order to maximize the person’s independence post injury.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, Community Solutions works in collaboration with the existing rehabilitation teams and therapists. In this way, Community Solutions is able to facilitate positive and effective outcomes.

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